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Stories of Navratri
25 Oct: Navratri Stories: 9 Goddesses of Navratri

Here are the stories of the 9 Goddesses Worshiped during the Hindu festival of Navratri that celebrates the victory of good over evil.

4 Books for Mischief Makers
02 Sep: 4 Books for Mischief Makers

List of curated books that celebrate grandparents. Celebrating the source of infinite and timeless stories, countless anecdotes of wisdom, immeasurable mounds of affection.

Smiling young women watching movie in theater
19 Apr: 5 Must Watch Movies Adapted from Young Adult Books

Some of my favourite young adult books that have been turned into films. Try watching them during the lockdown.

Worship and praise
23 Mar: Gratitude in the times of Covid-19

The world does not know how much it owes to the common kindness which so abound everywhere. J.R.Miller, The Beauty…

Math student presentation
07 Jan: How to Create Fantastic Math Lesson Plans
Here are some tips on how you can create some fantastic maths lesson plans.
Caring young mother breastfeeds baby girl
03 Dec: 10 Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

Here are some pointers that can help a new mother or mother-to-be in her breastfeeding journey. Breast milk is not just food, its potent medicine and a powerful medium of communication between mothers and babies.

Mom reading picture book with her son
25 Sep: Storytelling: The Defining Art of Learning

Storytelling helps build 21st century skills in children. This article points out why stories are an important tool for learning?

Books on Friendship
02 Sep: 8 Friendship Books: Books to Gift Your Friends

8 Books of Friendship. List of books to gift to your friends – but do read them first.

Young girl doing mindfulness exercises
20 Aug: Benefits of Mindfulness & Mindfulness Exercises for Children

What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is a practice that all parents should consider teaching their children. Naturally, kids are usually mindful,…

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