Learn to Read in English using Phonics.

Online Phonics Classes for Kids aged 4-6.

The Importance of Reading using Phonics

Reading is one of the most important skills of the 21st century. A variety of tasks in daily life require reading and understanding written instructions. If children do not learn to read, they cannot read to learn.

Even though the gap is huge, it needs to be filled with immediate action. The solution for this is teaching them how to read using systematic synthetic phonics.

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NutSpace offers the best Phonics Program.

What is Phonics?

  • The English alphabet is made up of letters and each letter has a sound. The ability to decode these sounds is called Phonics.
  • However, the language is more complex than just those 26 sounds (phonemes).
  • There are essentially 44 sounds that one should be able to identify in order to read effectively. Since there are many ways in which the 26 letters of the alphabet can be used and arranged.

Why Teach Reading with Phonics?

Suhava has started reading storybooks after learning about digraphs at NutSpace. I am so happy. Thank you for being part of this journey.

Guneesha Singh
Mother of Suhava

I am so glad that I enrolled Aaron for NutSpace’s Phonics Stories Program. Seeing him improve his reading skills gives me so much joy.

Sonia Williams
Mother of Aaron

Sanchi has started making efforts to read new words and is able to read them successfully most of the times. Thanks a lot.

Dr. Ruchika Agarwal
Mother of Sanchi
  • Phonics follows a methodical and structured approach to learning how to read.
  • Since it is a methodology that is logical, it encourages young learners to read quickly and accurately. Children who learn to read by way of phonics have greater accuracy and reading speed.
  • They also have superior comprehension skills with great vocabulary.

The NutSpace Phonics Stories Program

  • We use a multisensory approach considering the short attention span of a young learner.
  • Stories are a wonderful way to put across any concept in a fun, engaging way
  • Our programme has stories at its core ensuring children are not just learning how to read but also enhancing their vocabulary and language skills.
  • We focus on comprehension in a big way, for what is the fun of reading when you can’t understand what the written word means?
  • Games, music, body movement, role play and drama are a big part of our lesson plans ensuring active engagement on the part of children. We have seen the most reluctant learners warming up because of our engaging lesson plans.
  • Pre-recorded lessons, extended learning, tutorials for parents and worksheets to be done at home via our Learning Management System (LMS). Support & Training for Parents.

Support and Training For Parents

Videos like this & many more will be provided in the LMS to help build a strong foundation and enable reinforcement.

  • Parents play a very important role in setting a strong foundation in a child’s reading journey, and we believe in empowering the parents by way of constant support and training.
  • Our LMS is a repository of training videos, worksheets, story videos, games and activities. Each child and parent, signed up for the programme, also receives year-long access to these resources by way of the LMS.
  • A great way to follow-up classroom learnings and take up additional learnings, the LMS is a treasure trove of information that promises to deliver to all your child’s learning needs.

What After the Phonics Stories Program?

Comprehension Class for Kids


For 5Y - 7Y olds
  • Focus on reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary & confidence building.
  • 12 Classes: Consists of 6 book readings, role-play, games, activities and presentation.
  • Includes 12 books for extended reading at home.
  • Access to NutSpace LMS
Spelling Class for kids

Spelling Genie

For 6Y - 8Y olds
  • Research shows that spelling, reading, writing & comprehension skills are closely linked.
  • 25 Classes: Focus on spelling strategies, fun mnemonics, rules & concepts to learn spelling in a logical non-rote manner, sentence construction, conversation skills & reading.
  • Access to NutSpace LMS
Comprehension Classes for Kids

Booknuts Sr.

For 7Y - 10Y olds
  • Interactive and highly rewarding for independent readers.
  • 12 Classes: Explore a chapter book, learn figures of speech & literary devices.
  • Segment on social-emotional learning, general & cultural awareness.
  • Includes book & LMS