Reading & Life Skills Program for Schools

The Booknuts Book Exploration & Life Skills Program is not just a reading program. The program helps build essential life skills, 21st century skills in children – communications skills, collaboration skills, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, social emotional learning and much more.

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Our Pedagogy

Between 0 to 12 years, children are laying the foundation for their future character. All our programmes focus on developing imagination, listening skills and language skills. Stories & lesson plans provided by NutSpace stimulate multiple parts of the brain. We support parents and teachers in delivering engaging and effective learning experiences that develop essential life skills and values for every child.

  • Fulfills WHOs 10 Core Life Skills
  • Develops 21st Century Skills
  • Social and Emotional Development
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Why Should Schools Incorporate the BookNuts Book Exploration Program?

Booknuts Book Exploration has been created to extend / move beyond the regular reading programmes. This programme has been specially designed for K-8, however, we first measure the reading and understanding level of each class in the school and deliver appropriate lesson plans and books. A dedicated, methodical and scientifically developed programme like this will not just foster the love for books and reading in a child but also improve his/her grades and overall academic performance drastically. The programme aims to uplift the communication skills, the English language as well as attention spans of each participant, including the teacher.

What is BookNuts Book Exploration Program?

NutSpace’s BookNuts Book Exploration Programme is a wonderful value-add to library/classroom activities in order to help raise readers. The programme focuses not just on book reading but on reading between the lines and beyond the lines. It is multi-disciplinary in nature and focuses on building 21st Century Skills in Children.

What Makes NutSpace’s Book Exploration Program Stand Out?

  • Focuses on Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT)
  • Development of Speaking and Listening Skills
  • Vocabulary and English Language Development
  • Develops Ability to Think in Pictures
  • Improves Comprehension skills
  • Develops Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Builds Important Life Skills
  • Builds 21st-century skills: Communication Skills, Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving

Deliverables: BookNuts Book Exploration

  • Teacher Training: We hold exhaustive workshops for the teachers on implementing Storytelling in the classroom and how to implement the BookNuts Programme using our proprietary Inventive Thinking Methodology in the classroom.
  • Review: We hold quarterly reviews and feedback sessions with the teachers. We visit the classroom to understand how the teachers are conducting the BookNuts Programme.
  • Storybooks: We handpick level-appropriate books for the children that are fun to read.
  • Lesson Plans: Detailed lesson plans, activities and resources will be provided to the teachers/librarians to conduct the BookNut Programme effectively.
  • Measure: No programme is successful if you do not have a method to measure its effect. NutSpace provides a detailed reporting system that can be used by the teachers to monitor the improvement in children.
  • Learn@Home: Repetition is important to learn. Parents play an equally important role in enhancing the learning ability of the child. NutSpace extends the learning at home via its app. The parents and the children can access lesson plans, story videos etc. tailor-made for use at home. Teachers can also give assignments using the app.
The NutSpace BookNuts Book Exploration Program was part of the ReadAlliance Education Innovation Mentorship Program supported by USAID and the Centre for Knowledge Societies.
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