Our Pedagogy

NutSpace provides content that is based on the International Early Years Curriculum. The application provides your child a wide range of learning experiences around different themes that build knowledge and life skills. Content is provided and created by leading early years educators.


The NutSpace content helps children improve their imagination, listening skills and language skills. Stories and music provided by NutSpace stimulate multiple parts of the brain including the senses enabling the brain to process imagination the same way as reality.

  • Great for replacing passive screen time.
  • Enhances imagination.
  • Uses multiple parts of the brain.
Build Imagination Skills
Build Life Skills


Between 0 to 12 years, children are laying the foundation for their future character. We support parents and teachers in delivering engaging and effective learning experiences that develop essential life skills and values for every child.

  • Fulfils WHOs 10 Core Life Skills.
  • Develops 21st Century Skills.
  • Social and Emotional Development.


NutSpace provides content that helps in early childhood development – Social Emotional Development, Mindfulness, Understanding the World, Creative Exploration, Early Math & Science, and Early Language & Literacy. The NutSpace app has the ability to measure what your child learns.

  • Relevant & Safe Content for children.
  • Prepare children for elementary school & life.
  • Measure what your child learns.
Learn for Life with NutSpace
NutSpace Content Partners


All content at NutSpace is developed by early years educational experts focusing on key areas of learning. The activities give you and your child access to a structured and guided experiences. Our activities and lessons will supplement everything your child is learning in the classroom.

  • Developed by EY educational experts.
  • Detailed lesson plans for parents and teachers.
  • Fun activities and exercises for children.
Preeti Thakur

Thank you so much for the videos, was of great help to my son as it’s in his syllabus. It helped him a lot.

Shilpi Jain

NutSpace has made my life so simple. Just the right app to get quality activities for my little one.

Mrs. Indrajeet Ahluwalia
Mothers Pride Preschool

The Booknuts Programme for our Nursery and KG classes is helping our children build concentration. There is an improvement in their vocabulary and imagination. They are also developing empathy.

Mrs. Anushbha Verma
Mother of Amulya

I think this is a fantastic venture with huge benefits for children. Your idea for engaging children in and through storytelling is utterly captivating and imaginative.

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