Our Pedagogy

What We Do?

We believe education is about becoming better human beings and not just securing good grades. It is about learning how to identify problems and finding their solutions. It is about respecting the points of view of others and discovering oneself in the process. We aim to enable parents and teachers to help children adapt to the changing world.

storytelling classes

We Impart Wisdom through Stories

Stories help make learning permanent. The human brain is hardwired for stories. Research proves that information is better processed and retained by us if we receive it as a story.

However,  knowledge is power, but it is power for evil just as much for good. Therefore, it is essential to impart wisdom along with knowledge and help strike the right balance. Our lesson plans include an important ingredient alongside information – values.

Children need adults to shape them into caring, respectful, empathetic, responsible individuals. It is this wisdom that helps shape them into kind individuals at different stages of their childhood. Stories help achieve this without sermonising. We don’t provide moral lessons but encourage children to reflect on the stories and understand different perspectives.

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We Build 21st Century Skills in Children

Each time you get tempted to ask your child what they’d like to become when they grow up, stop! Reword your question and instead ask them what problem they would solve now and when they grow up.

The world is changing and so should the education system. We need problem solvers, critical thinkers, team players, and most importantly happy individuals who are kind, caring and compassionate.

Jobs of tomorrow will be very different from today. We at NutSpace focus on helping raise 21st-century learners who are ready to adapt to change.

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We Raise Readers & Communicators

In times when attention span is short and one is constantly surrounded by gadgets, parents and educators feel the need to make additional efforts to raise readers. Reading, not just study materials but for leisure, is integral in the growing up years of a child. Reading helps develop comprehension skills, listening skills, and communication skills. Not to mention imagination, problem-solving abilities, critical thinking and cognitive skills.

We at NutSpace take reading books very seriously however our lesson plans make reading fun and desirable. Our Book Exploration Programme has been designed to help children fall in love with books and develop a lifelong love for books and reading.

instil leadership skills

We Instil Leadership Skills in Children

When children are encouraged to work on team projects, they learn how to express their ideas and resolve conflicts. In essence, they learn to collaborate and communicate. When a project is not just about ‘me’ but ‘the team’, children start learning an important skill – teamwork. In projects such as these, children exhibit a cooperative mindset which fosters social-emotional learning (SEL).

Mindfulness, extended learning, empathy, kindness, reflection, and introspection are important elements of our lessons for we believe that the leaders of tomorrow don’t just need academic excellence but also social-emotional skills.