The Importance of Building Reading Skills in the Early Years

A sound reading routine helps ensure not just a strong language foundation but also fosters cognitive development in children. Reading plays an important role in later success in life. The sooner a child is introduced to books the more likely it is for him/her to grow fond of books and reading.

English is one of the largest languages spoken in the world. Most instructions provided in the real world and even in school exams are in English. However, according to ACER 2018 Report, about 50% of standard 5 children cannot even read standard 2 books.

Storytelling is an essential part of a child’s early development. This article provides insight into how to use storytelling with your kids and why it’s so important for their emotional and cognitive growth.

For starters you should start talking to your baby as soon as you find out you have company. Yes! It’s true. I know it might seem silly to talk to your tummy; well it did to me…

This article focuses on what is phonics and why phonics needs to be implemented in Indian schools as a separate subject. Primary school teachers need to be trained in phonics to help raise readers in the the classroom.

How Do We Build Reading Skills?

We use quality content created and vetted by early years educators. Each program curriculum has been developed keeping the reading level of the child in mind. We have divided our reading program into 5 levels. We use engaging stories, music, fun activity, games and practice reading with guided reading, shared reading and read-aloud to build reading and comprehension skills in your child.

Raising Readers Class for Kids

Booknuts Jr.

Level 1: 2.5Y-5Y

Phonics Classe for Kids

Phonics Stories

Level 2: 4Y-6Y

Comprehension Class for Kids


Level 3: 5Y-7Y

Spelling Class for kids

Spelling Genie

Level 4: 6Y-8Y

Comprehension Classes for Kids

Booknuts Sr.

Level 5: 7Y-10Y

Key Takeaways of NutSpace's Reading Programs

  • Builds Reading Skills
  • Develops Interest in Books & Reading
  • Builds Vocabulary
  • Builds Comprehension Skills
  • Encourages to Read Between the Lines & Beyond the Lines
  • Builds Imagination
  • Builds Critical Thinking Skills
  • Fosters Important Life Skills (link)

Parents Love Our Program

Like a genie, they made the kids learn the spellings with such amazing tricks, patterns & rules that I had no clue ever existed.

Mother of Jaipratap

I am glad I chose to go with this activity for Reyansh. My first experience with NutSpace has been really good.

Nupur Chaudhary
Mother of Reyansh

My son has learnt to comprehend as well as form his own narrative thanks to the stories in the class. Each session is unique and has highly engaging activities.

Tripat Ratra
Mother of Ayaansh Ratra

After attending this class, my son has become an ardent lover of books. His confidence in the English language has increased and so has his vocabulary.

Shreya Agarwal
Mother of Reyansh Agarwal

Ada loved every bit of the class, be it the books, the discussions, the field trip to the park and most of all the feel of the new books. She has started exploring the illustrations with even more curiosity and detail.

Mother of Ada