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Frogileena Amphibeena – An Adventure Story for Kids

Audiobook NutSpace · Frogileena Amphibeena About the Book Dive into the enchanting tale of Frogileena Amphibeena where the delightful protagonist, Frogileena, dreams of adventures beyond the familiar shore. Blessed with a beautiful singing voice, Frogileena longs to explore the vast sea, but her parents, protective and fearful of the legendary Rakshas, stand in her way. … Read more

Story Reading (English): Get Down, Rocky!

Join Rohini Vij as she reads a delightful story of a mischievous goat who finds himself in a tricky situation. Will he be safe? Find out in this charming tale!

Values I picked up in School: A Memoir

A tribute to my teachers who left an indelible mark on my soul. They laid a strong foundation for coping with the vicissitudes of the following years.

The Sky is the Limit: Story for Women’s Day

The Sky is The Limit by Rohini Vij is an inspiring story for women’s day, written keeping in mind this year’s international women’s day theme – #breakthebias.

The Thirsty Crow

Learn about problem solving, coping with stress, anger management and a little about birds with this popular tale.

Rakhsha Bandhan Story: Why We Celebrate Rakhi?

Listen to the Story of Raksha Bandhan. This post has 3 Raksha Bandhan Stories that explain the significance of the festival.

Story from Australia: How the Kangaroo Got its Tail & Wombat its Flat-head?

Explore a story of friendship, revenge and ego. This story encourages self-reflection.

Navratri Stories: 9 Goddesses of Navratri

Here are the stories of the 9 Goddesses Worshiped during the Hindu festival of Navratri that celebrates the victory of good over evil.