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Books about Book Love

Parents: 7 Books about Book Love

These are all books that celebrate books, stories and the written word in their own unique way. They are every bibliophile's dream.

Parents: How to get Children ready for the Birth of a Sibling

If you are expecting another baby in the house, it is important to prepare your first-born for the changes.
How to talk to children about porn - sex education

Parents: How to Talk to Children about Porn?

33% of Internet traffic is porn. One is definitely going to come across it if they are on the internet. So how do we talk to our children about it?
How to raise a well balanced child

3 Tips on How to Raise a Well Balanced Child

This blog highlights 3 things you can do as a parent to raise a confident child. Do not label your child. Encourage social development and discipline.
Sex Education in India

Sex Education: 5 Reasons to include it in the Classroom

Over time the debate about including sex education in the formal educational system has become polarised. Some people think it is unnecessary, while others advocate sex education for all students. It is all about helping the young ones.
Music helps in brain development

Parents & Teachers: Why You Need to Think Beyond Nursery Rhymes

Neuroscience studies provide evidence that given the opportunity of regular varied and creative music provision, children in early years can develop the neural pathways that provide strong foundations not only for literacy and maths but for learning generally.