Teacher Training Workshops

Every classroom has children with different learning styles and needs. One-size-fits-all methods of teaching are not successful especially when one is intending for the children to learn for life. It is absolutely essential for a 21st-century teacher to be a 21st-century learner, to re-invent, to fail, to experiment and, to explore. Our teacher training workshops are guiding tools that will empower teachers and help them fall in love with what they do.

Teacher Training: The Art of Storytelling in the Classroom

A full-day professional training workshop in the Art of Storytelling

‘If History were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.’ – Rudyard Kipling

Children don’t need information, they are up to their eyeballs with information what they need is for it to make sense, they need to have faith in people, their present and their future by way of stories they hear. This unique workshop has been specially designed for teachers so as to help them make lessons hands-on and for life for the students of their classroom.

Combining dramatics and storytelling, this unique workshop aims to give teachers exposure to the wonderful world of stories and storytelling.

What will be covered: The need for storytelling in education, The Power of Stories, Stories & Education, Storytelling & The Human Brain, Making Effective Lesson Plans, Voice Modulation, Character Voices, Writing Original Stories, Body Language, Storyboarding, Making Puppets and Costumes for storytelling, Effective Narration (connecting with the listeners), Prepare to Perform.

Benefits of the course: Confidence Building, Personality Development, Creative Thinking, Making Learning Fun, Bonding with Your Child / Student, Storytelling as a Career.

Teacher Training: Teaching Children to Read with Jolly Phonics

The Jolly Phonics Training Programme provides training to the teachers. The programme will help teachers master phonics and in turn, help raise the standards of children who will then read and write better and faster.

Jolly Phonics Training Workshop will include 42 sounds, blending, segmenting, tricky words, alternative spellings, and rules, etc.

Methodology: The concept, the sounds, teaching with music and stories, flash cards, games, exercises, role plays, Q&A session, teaching aids, etc. We also include lesson planning and making your curriculum as well as professional advice on how to go about conducting the classes.

Who should attend: Preschool teachers & teachers of Grades 1 & 2

Trained by Rohini Vij, A Jolly Learning (UK) Certified and Listed Trainer

Teacher Training: Early Years Development Program (For Preschools)

Breathe life into the Letters and Sounds Curriculum with this extensive collection of original songs and music activities to support listening and speaking skills AND develop confidence and social skills.

  • Learn to lead new music activities with confidence
  • Engage children with original songs and fun, inclusive music activities
  • Take the hard work out of planning
  • Progress Letters and Sounds Phase One phonics skills
  • Promote School Ready Social and Physical development
  • Link your music-making to EYFS areas of learning
  • Have fun bringing music into everyday learning and play

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