Book Recommendation: List for Young Adults

Do you hear the words, “Don’t come into my room without knocking.” Well then you have a teenager by your side. A young adult who is going through intense emotional changes and close to a hormonal volcanic eruption, this is a delicate time. As a parent you are constantly walking the right rope but there is no need to stress. Books are always a wonderful way to help them deal with this complex yet important time in their lives. Books are a loyal companion who they will learn to trust now and forever. 

Books for Young Adults:

Books are a wonderful way to help young adults deal with this complex yet important time in their lives. Here is a list of books recommended for young adults.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

by Lemony Snickets

There are thirteen books in this series and I have seen my son absolutely hooked. He just couldn’t put them down. The book follows the journey of four orphaned children who go through terrible travesties to stay alive. The theme may be dark and may appear as sad, the suspense will keep one hooked as the plot progresses.

The Gita for Children

by Roopa Pai

I would recommend this book to everyone, not just children. Just get it and keep it on your bedside table. It is such a friendly approach to The Geeta that you are sure to find yourself within those pages and come closer to your spiritual self.

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Amulet Series

by Kazu Kibuishi

A graphic novel series with elements of fantasy, magic, suspense, and drama this thrilling series is a perfect gift for your young reader.

Bone Series

by Jeff Smith

A graphic novel series that has an enormous following! There are elements of mystery, adventure, friendship, romance, among others. Elements that make the Bone experience hugely rewarding and absolutely page-turning. When I picked up this series in 2008, I couldn’t put it down. eleven years later when I passed on my Bone book-set of 9 books to my son, he was only nine then, I saw him literally devouring the pages. I was worried that I gave it to him too soon, he wasn’t even a teenager, but then, when it comes to books it doesn’t have to do with the age group of a person, it’s got to do with many other factors. The reading level and interest of your child, the reading stamina, overall maturity, and the availability of a safe space to express oneself. 

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