Vocabulary Builder for Children: VocabAct

Help your child build vocabulary with the help of NutSpace’s VocabAct®: Vocabulary Builder for Children. Discover new words and learn them instantly with enactments and role-play.

VocabAct® Helps Build Better Vocabulary in Children & Adults

If you are looking for a meaning of a word and you cannot find it – just let us know. One of our experts will go through the word and will record an enactment and send it to you as soon as possible.

We work at improving your child’s language skills and overall development. English is a global language and it is highly important for your child to express himself in the language.

VocabAct® promises an increase in your child’s vocabulary through a method proven very useful in over a dozen countries. VocabAct® promises results, packed into an interesting session of fun and learning.

Why Use NutSpace's VocabAct: Vocabulary Builder?

  • VocabAct® is a collection of enactment videos on practical usage of words – every enactment is application-based.
  • Parents can use VocabAct to learn the enactment and repeat the same with the child.
  • Social engagement is important for your child. Parents are encouraged to use the resources to learn themselves. After gaining knowledge they can repeat the same with their children.
  • Easy to understand words without flipping pages after pages
  • Includes word pronunciation in an Indian accent
  • Shows application of the words so it is easy to understand
  • Helps early learners to learn basic words
  • Helpful for learners who are learning English as Second Language

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Request a VocabAct Video

Can’t find the word you are looking for? Want to understand a word or a phrase? Want to explain a word to your child in an interesting manner? Just send us your request and we’ll get back to you with the VocabAct® of the word.