We may learn Life Skills eventually.
Let’s learn them 
well & early.

Building WHO’s 10 Core Life Skills in Children using Stories and Activities

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Storytelling is an essential part of a child’s early development. This article provides insight into how to use storytelling with your kids and why it’s so important for their emotional and cognitive growth.

Life skills are behaviours that enable individuals to adapt and deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life. At NutSpace we focus on building these skills along with other literacy skills.

Jobs of tomorrow will be very different from today. The world is changing and so should we. We need problem solvers, critical thinkers, team players, and happy individuals who are compassionate.

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Help Your Child Develop 30+ Life Skills including WHO's 10 Core Life Skills

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Social Skills

Build Life Skills With Stories

Sooraj and his grandma LOVE inventing! Join them on their latest adventure: using simple machines to make coconut barfi!


Shanu is too big for Ammi to carry. And too small to go to school alone. Explore the book and the lesson plans to find out why Shanu is so confused. Sometimes her parents call her a big girl and sometimes address her as a small girl. Are you too small to read this story on your own? Or are you too big to have someone read it aloud with you?


Children in the village grow up in close proximity with other living beings. This story is a memoir by the author who recollects his childhood days and what he and his friends did to get close to baby crane. Explore this touching story of how they learn some important life lessons.


It’s the day of the Famous Football Cup and poor Divya has the sniffles! Will she be able to play? Listen to this story to find out what happens to Divya, and also learn about how best to avoid the sniffles.


Build essential life skills as you learn about countries, its diversity & uniqueness by way of its stories. We’ll cover India, Australia & New Zealand in this theme.


Build essential life skills as you learn about the solar system, phases of the moon, how stars are born & die and much more through 6 thematic stories and activities.

The Thirsty Crow

Learn about problem solving, coping with stress, anger management and a little about birds with this popular tale.

Rakhsha Bandhan Story: Why We Celebrate Rakhi?

Listen to the Story of Raksha Bandhan. This post has 3 Raksha Bandhan Stories that explain the significance of the festival.

Story from Australia: How the Kangaroo Got its Tail & Wombat its Flat-head?

Explore a story of friendship, revenge and ego. This story encourages self-reflection.

Navratri Stories: 9 Goddesses of Navratri

Here are the stories of the 9 Goddesses Worshiped during the Hindu festival of Navratri that celebrates the victory of good over evil.

Webinars for Parents & Teachers

This webinar was organised for parents so that they may get familiar with synthetic phonics, its need in raising readers, and the NutSpace phonics stories program.

What should I read to my baby? When should I start reading to her? What will my baby understand, right now – he can’t even read? For how long should I read to my child? How should I read to my child?

The ultimate webinar for parents & caretakers on how, what and when to read to your child.

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