Why NutSpace
We use Stories to Build 10 Core Life Skills in Children
Making it easier for them to adapt to the ever changing world.
NutSpace is a fantastic venture with huge benefits for children. The way you engage children through stories is absolutely amazing.
Anushbha Verma
Amulya's Mother
Early Years
We Build Early Literacy Skills
We use music & stories to stimulate the mind of a child - develop cognition, fine & gross motor skills and early literacy skills.
OMG! I never thought that little ones could have so much fun and learn at the same time. Amazing engagement through music & stories.
Sangeeta B.
Vinayak's Mother
Reading Skills
We Build Reading Skills with Stories
Our reading programs help develop reading skills, essential life skills and instill the love for reading.
I am so glad that I enrolled Aaron for NutSpace's Phonics Stories Program. Seeing him improve his reading skills gives me so much joy.
Sonia Williams
Aaron's Mother
We help Children Adapt to the Ever Changing World
Our platform uses stories and activities to build skills such as creativity, critical thinking, decision making, mindfulness etc.
I was surprised to find stories accompanied with so many well thought of activities. Some of the activities listed were helpful to me at work.
Aditya Agarwal, New Delhi
Varun's Father
School Programs
Teacher Training & Curriculum Design
We train teachers, conduct workshops, design curriculum around storytelling, reading & life skills. We also license our content.
Energetic, uplifting and a very moving workshop. Students & teachers were enraptured by the workshop.
Indus Valley School, Kolkata

Here’s a personal story about a child’s resilience to overcome all odds and keep a brave front. A story about a mother and the lessons she learns on the way.

Understand the dire need for a child-centric early childhood development as opposed to the western narratives

Stress is inevitable. You can’t avoid it completely, but there are ways to manage it. Find out how to help your child deal with stress.

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Help Your Child Develop 30+ Life Skills including WHO's 10 Core Life Skills

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Build Life Skills With Stories

Frogileena Amphibeena – An Adventure Story for Kids

Audiobook NutSpace · Frogileena Amphibeena About the Book Dive into the enchanting tale of Frogileena Amphibeena where the delightful protagonist, Frogileena, dreams of adventures beyond the familiar shore. Blessed with a beautiful singing voice, Frogileena longs to explore the vast sea, but her parents, protective and fearful of the legendary Rakshas, stand in her way. … Read more

Story Reading (English): Get Down, Rocky!

Join Rohini Vij as she reads a delightful story of a mischievous goat who finds himself in a tricky situation. Will he be safe? Find out in this charming tale!

Values I picked up in School: A Memoir

A tribute to my teachers who left an indelible mark on my soul. They laid a strong foundation for coping with the vicissitudes of the following years.

The Sky is the Limit: Story for Women’s Day

The Sky is The Limit by Rohini Vij is an inspiring story for women’s day, written keeping in mind this year’s international women’s day theme – #breakthebias.

The Thirsty Crow

Learn about problem solving, coping with stress, anger management and a little about birds with this popular tale.

Rakhsha Bandhan Story: Why We Celebrate Rakhi?

Listen to the Story of Raksha Bandhan. This post has 3 Raksha Bandhan Stories that explain the significance of the festival.

Story from Australia: How the Kangaroo Got its Tail & Wombat its Flat-head?

Explore a story of friendship, revenge and ego. This story encourages self-reflection.

Navratri Stories: 9 Goddesses of Navratri

Here are the stories of the 9 Goddesses Worshiped during the Hindu festival of Navratri that celebrates the victory of good over evil.

Webinars for Parents & Teachers

Join Storyteller Rohini Vij and Boogiemites trainer Tasha Bretten to learn how to enhance storytelling with music, encouraging a love of stories and music in children under the age of 5 through interactive musical story time. The focus is on developing foundations for phonics through storytelling and songs that make playing with letter sounds fun. Rohini Vij will cover a letter sound story and song, and Tasha Bretten will cover 2 Boogie Mites songs that support development and encourage engagement. You will have access to videos and supporting resources for the story and songs.

Training via zoom Saturday 5th November 2022 at 2:30 to 3:45 pm (IST).

  • LIVE Webinar on December 11.
  • Saturday | 4 pm IST

A must attend FREE webinar for early years Educators and Parents.

This webinar was organised for parents so that they may get familiar with synthetic phonics, its need in raising readers, and the NutSpace phonics stories program.

What should I read to my baby? When should I start reading to her? What will my baby understand, right now – he can’t even read? For how long should I read to my child? How should I read to my child?

The ultimate webinar for parents & caretakers on how, what and when to read to your child.