10 Reasons: Why Picture Books are Good for Adults

10 Reasons: Why Picture Books are Good for Adults and Kids.

Picture books have the magical quality of saying a lot in a few words, which is why I can dive into a picture book infinite times. There is so much more hidden in between the lines and in the dimensions of the illustrations that every time I read them they leave a bigger impact on me than they did the last time.

That’s why I’ve always believed that picture books transcend age groups, they are meant for adults as much as they are for kids, since there is much more to them than just the face value. While a kid will enjoy the story and the colors, a picture book can take an adult for a whole different ride. Picture books are good for adults.

1. These visual delights will have you hooked

Well, for starters, picture books are absolute beauties that you can lose yourself into and the visual experience adds to the emotional experience of reading and appreciating a book.

2. Picture books trigger imagination

Picture books trigger imagination not just in kids but also in adults, since a lot is left on interpretation, only the level of imagination may vary (the smaller the size, the limitless the imagination, we believe).

3. A wake up call

While for a kid a picture book is a colorful delight for an adult it’s an epiphany. An adult can come out of a picture book with a surprising revelation or a deeper understanding of life.

4. They are a trip down memory lane

The value that kids grow up with are pretty much the same, even through generations. In that sense a picture books can be walk down memory lane, a reminder of the values that are part of every growing up, values that take a back seat in our life as we grow up.

5. They develop not just emotionally conscious kids but also adults.

Again since picture books are such a stirring emotional experience, they tend to rear not only passionate and caring kids but also adults.

6. Start your own art collection

The illustrations of these books are spellbinding. They are your chance to have some of the most talented and inspiring artists on your bookshelf.

7. Tickle your heart

Picture books have the quality to tickle your heart and make a place for themselves in it. They are like a warm cup of coffee on a cold winter morning.

8. The most comfortable lullaby

Picture books make for the best addition to a bedtime routine, the perfect lullaby (and not just for your kid) before you tuck in.

9. A very satisfying read for all the busy bees

For all those perpetual complainers who want to read but just can’t make the time for it, picture books are your answer, short and satisfying.

10. It might awaken the writer in you

And who knows a picture books addiction might just lead you to discover the dormant writer in you ready to escape.

Here are some timeless and priceless picture books to dig into pronto


Harold and the Purple Crayon (Purple Crayon Books) by Crockett Johnson

a wordless picture book about how imagination is the solution to every problem.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

one of the greatest children’s classic of all times.

The Why Why Girl by Mahasweta Devi

The delightful tale of an inquisitive tribal girl also touches on gender issues and empowerment.


Alone in the Forest by Gita Wolf

afraid of the dark? Beyond fear lies great light.


The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers

a heart touching story about dealing with loss.


Thatha at School by Richa Jha & Gautam Benegal

Gender stereotyping has strong under currents in the social fabric of India and in many cultures around the world. Richa Jha tackles this difficult subject with unburdening simplicity and lightness of tone.


Corduroy by Don Freeman

a story about unconditional and inexplicable love.


Room on the Broom: Activity Book by Julia Donaldson

join a kind witch on her adventures onboard her flying broom.


Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears by Emily Gravett

a story that makes being afraid normal.


Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

another classic, bedtime story to cuddle with.

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