Why Children Need Social Emotional Skills?

Welcome to the new age! The age where Social Emotional Learning is one of the most important thing for your child.

This is the 21st century. Things are changing at a rapid pace. This whirlwind change has swept us into a completely new era where everyone is constantly engaged on technology. Attention spans are fast reducing, priorities are fast changing, social engagement has a new definition. This is the era of instant gratification. In times such as these it isn’t hard to find oneself in a tizzy. Nervous breakdowns, bad relationships, lack of patience are a few downsides of being a part of this new age world. In times such as these soul searching has become a dying need. Who are we really? Do we really have the answer for that?

According to a World Economic Forum, children need to be equipped with Social and Emotional skills to be able to thrive in the workplace of the future. What is SEL, you might ask?

SEL are skills that are outside core learnings such as writing and arithmetic.

In short SEL is:

  • Recognising emotions in oneself and others
  • Managing strong emotions
  • Having empathy for others
  • Controlling impulses
  • Communicating clearly and assertively
  • Maintaining cooperative relationships
  • Making responsible decisions
  • Solving problems effectively

Of the 16 skills identified as needful 21st century skills, 12 are SEL.

Students require these 21st Century Skills
Image Courtesy: WEF – Students require 16 skills in the 21st Century Skills out of which 12 are SEL.

You may further want to read this article by the World Economic Forum: What are the 21st Century Skills every child requires?

How Nutspace helps develop 21st Century Skills and in turn encourage SEL?

Nutspace uses stories as the core element to trigger inventive thinking

  • Each lesson has a special focus around which revolves the story and activities. We use activities to make learning more fun and permanent, also group activities such as making a story together promote team play, working in collaboration and coordination, and develop problem solving skills.
  • Fun games and exercises encourage curiosity while at the same time build an excitement about learning in the participants. Breathing exercises and yoga help improve concentration. 
  • Story and character analysis is a major part of a lesson; developing critical thinking by means of studying character perspectives, point of views, discussing alternate endings and scene descriptions. These exercises help in sensitising participants to different people, different situations, to look beyond the surface and dig deeper while also makes them socially conscious citizens.
  • Role play adds the dimension of drama, using imagination and creativity to bring alive a scene. Again role play activities are essential in absorbing the essence of the story/theme, it makes getting into the skin of character a deeper and enriching experience.
  • Each lesson also comprises of an art and craft activity for boosting creativity. This also becomes an accomplishment that they can take home.
Social Emotional Skills at NutSpace
An Inventive Thinking Session at NutSpace that helps develop 21st Century Skills in Children.



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