Book Recommendation: List for Reluctant Readers

It’s completely understandable if you have a reluctant reader at home. My advice to you would be to tread this journey carefully without overwhelming your child with books or nagging them to read. Instead carefully handhold them into reading by giving them books that will make them laugh. Humour works wonders when it comes to reading. You may also want to consider reading aloud to your reluctant reader until he finds the interest to read on his own.

Books for Reluctant Readers:

Children Book Moin and Monster

Moin and the Monster

by Anushka Ravishankar

Well, this book is plain hilarious. The kind of book that will leave you in splits with your sides aching. Who wouldn’t like that? Any reader, reluctant or not, will immediately latch on to it. This book is guaranteed fun.

Books for Children: Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants

by Dav Pilkey

While the word underpants may make you cringe, toilet humour is something all children, and most adults although they may deny it, enjoy. George and Harold, the two hilarious protagonists, are out to save the world, and who helps them? Their mean school principal turns into an underpants-wearing superhero each time he is hypnotised by them. As opposed to his real self Captain Underpants is silly and really kind-hearted. This book has not just encouraged reluctant readers to read, it has also motivated a lot of children to write their own comic books, create flip-o-ramas, and even correct George and Harold’s misspellings. Give this series a chance without scrutinizing it from an adult’s lens. Think from your child’s point of view.

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Books for Children: Amelia Bedelia

Amelia Bedelia Series

by Peggy Parish

There are many reading levels in this series. You will find picture books and even early chapter books. Each one is a masterpiece. The language is clever, the humour is relatable and you will almost always find yourself guffawing as you read-aloud these books to your child. These are also a great series to explore in the classroom, if you are a teacher. 

Children Book When Mommy was a Little Girl

When Mommy Was a Little Girl

by Ponytale Books

There are fifteen stories in this anthology and each story has an element of fun, surprise, and humour. Your child will like listening to these stories, especially if being read aloud by you and followed by your own growing-up experiences. 

Children Book: Bank Heist

Baby’s First Bank Heist

by Jim Whalley and Stephen Collins

This clever picture book is about a baby who robs a bank. A notorious protagonist usually works well with children. Of course, the text of the book is amazing but the illustrations tell a tale in tandem. They are just so clever that each time you pick up the book you discover something new. Picture books indeed are a wonderful way to encourage a reluctant reader to explore books.  

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