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Your toddler is on the go. Whatever he sees goes straight into his mouth. He is screaming at the top of his voice and fine-tuning his vocal cords, he is generous with hugs and kisses, and sometimes just like that he has a meltdown. It is a demanding time for you as a parent indeed. As his world is expanding you need more energy and patience. Books are a wonderful time to calm him down and have an interesting conversation with him. Try it, books may just give you the much-required sit-down time. 

Books to Read to Toddlers:

Book for Kids: Shark in the Park

Shark in the Park

by  Nick Sharratt

Brightly illustrated and cleverly written, this is a wonderful book that will keep your little one hooked. As your baby discovers the world around him, he will be able to point to things in the book and perhaps even say a few early words.

Children Book: Owl Babies

Owl Babies

by Martin Waddell

As your toddler’s world is expanding so is her fear of losing sight of you. Separation anxiety may start peaking around this time and our babies need reassuring books and stories that remind them that mum and dad always come back. This heart-melting story of three baby owlets will also increase your baby’s attention span when it comes to books and stories.

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Children Book: Small Piglet looks for Mommy

Small Piglet looks for Mommy

by Vivekananda Roy Ghatak

Little Piglet is looking for her mommy as she meets lots of farm animals and their babies. This is a wonderful book to feed your baby’s curiosity about animals. Gentle language and bright illustrations will want your baby to flip through the book even on his own. This book will enhance his general awareness too!

Children Book Recommendation: No David

No David!

by David Shannon

What’s the word that all of us parents say the most to our children? Yes, it’s – NO! This hilarious picture book with sparse and clever text will never fail to amuse you and your child. David can be a real handful at times but by the end of the day his mum loves him, no matter what! This one is a must-have on all family bookshelves. 

Children Book: We're going on a bear hunt

We’re Going on a bear Hunt

by Michael Rosen

A lively book with immense scope for role-playing and movement. Friendly text with plenty of repetition, there’s never a dull moment in this one! Act out the story with your child. Get up and move around, if possible. Sing along the text as you explore each new hurdle. Also, a great book for memory building and sequencing. You and your toddler will never outgrow this one.

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