Parents: 6 Wrong Parenting Practices to Avoid

What are the wrong parenting practices or what is bad parenting? I often come across parents who seek my advice on parenting. I often tell them that each child is different and one has to find ways to deal with situations. There is no handbook that can tell you exactly what to do. However, after interacting with numerous parents – I feel there are some common mistakes that parents make even without realizing it. They have the best interest of their child – but it does not always go well with the child.

6 Wrong Parenting Practices to Avoid

Tagging Kids: I have noticed parents ‘tagging’ their children – ‘Oh, my child is very shy’ or ‘He is very naughty’ ‘My child is very stubborn’. This happens even while the child is around. The downside of this ‘parenting practice’ is that the child accepts the tag and makes it a natural part of her personality.

Giving in to their demands: Attention spans are going down which means no patience to reason out ‘why’ a certain demand is not acceptable at a certain time. Most parents give in to the demands, tears, and tantrums of their children making it easy for the child to have his way.

Bribing them: At times parents use a bribe to get their kid to behave in a certain way. The bribe is something tangible, usually a treat or a toy. A better way to do this is by way of a ‘behavior chart’ where they earn ‘points’ or ‘stars’ for something good and then they may get something after they have earned a certain number of stars. Instantly giving them something or making them do something in return for something is a vicious cycle. The downside of this ‘bad parenting practice’ is that the child may become stubborn in nature and get a sense that he may get away with anything.


Not Reading: Children learn what parents do. If parents are engaged in gadgets all day long, children perceive that as a normal way of life. It’s strange how then parents expect their kids to read or develop a love for books. It’s essential to set a ‘reading time’ where all members of the family read.

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Excessive Passive Screen Time: These days there is no limit to the amount of exposure a child is getting on the screen. The child is exposed to gadgets everywhere and if not direct then the child is getting second-hand screen time. Parents need to put a limit to this by themselves cutting down on their own engagement on the screen.

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Helicoptering: I notice parents being paranoid about the dirt when it comes to their children. In some extreme cases, I have even witnessed a child being bathed with mineral water. How will the kid develop immunity if she is being bright up in a germ-free environment? Research says that such kids fall sick more often as compared to the others. Parents need to take it easy in this department. Another area where the strings on the child get tightened is when children are co-playing. I was amused to see how a mother stopped bringing her child to a park since there was a bully there. How will the child grow up and solve problems or make decisions? Let kids solve their issues themselves – intervene only when need be.

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