Sex Education: 5 Reasons to include it in the Classroom

Over time the debate about including sex education in the formal educational system has become polarised. Some people think it is unnecessary, while others advocate sex education for all students. It is all about helping the young ones. 

In the classroom, we can describe sex education as a series of planned interactive discussions between a teacher and students about human sexuality. Through this interaction, teachers inform the students about sexual development and how it happens. Students also learn how societal influence, age, emotional feelings, and safe practices determine consequences as they mature sexually.

In these times, we cannot leave sex education to a teenager’s instinct. There are so many ways children can access information using modern technology. However, empowering young ones with the right information about sex education can prevent them from making wrong decisions.

Here are some significant reasons to consider adding sexual education to the formal classroom education system.

Satisfying curiosity

Regardless of the approach, our children will find a way to satisfy their curiosity. Why not guide them in the right direction? In the classroom, students have an opportunity to listen during sex education classes and ask all the questions they have about concerns. 

The classroom provides a safe environment where students can listen without feeling shy or awkward. Classroom sex education also means students know where to find the right answers whenever they have concerns about their sexuality, feelings or related issues.

Understanding sexual development

Some parents are quite conservative. Children may not have a chance to discuss sexual development and physical changes with their parents. However, they can get the needed information in the classroom. It will be such a shame for our children to find answers from unverifiable books, online sources or friends. 

Through sex education, students can understand why their bodies are changing and the impact of these changes on their lives.

Dispelling the myths about sex

Sex education classes provide the best environment to clarify false myths. For example, a student may have been told by their parents that sex-related issues should never be discussed because the parents believe myths such as talking about sex with the young ones can make them promiscuous.

However, these beliefs are wrong because sex education is so vast and students who have this knowledge know the consequences of immorality and can make better decisions. 

Prevention of teenage pregnancy

A large percentage of teenage pregnancies are unplanned. With proper sex education, many young girls will have more information about their sexuality and how to avoid unplanned pregnancies.

Teenage pregnancies can disrupt a person’s life. Young women who have this experience find it difficult to continue their education. Sex education can help to prevent such situations because it covers such issues as abstinence, safe sex, contraceptives and how they can be used be properly.

Making the right choices

There is so much societal influence around us; however, students can make the right decisions if they have access to essential information about sex education. It is mainly about spreading knowledge regarding the values and facts that can help our children stay safe in the society.

Through sex education, students can know more about sexual abuse, rape, and other dangers. With proper guidance, they are taught how to stay safe within their capacities.

In conclusion, considering that there are so many questions about sex in young minds, sex education classes should be handled by trained teachers who have answers to inform and guide the students.

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