Our Universe | Self-paced Course (4-8 yr-olds)

Our Universe | Self-paced Course (4-8 yr-olds)

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About the Theme:

Our universe is a fascinating place, isn’t it? There are so many mysteries out there, some known facts and plenty unknown. Come explore the space with us as we listen to six fascinating stories and deep dive into hands-on lessons thereafter.

Stories / Topics Covered:

Over the period of 3 Weeks ( 2 Stories a Week ) you will get access to the following topics/stories:

  1. All about planets | Story: A message for Pluto
  2. Moon Phases | Story: Vir’s Journey with the Moon
  3. Solar Eclipse | Story: A Perfect Deal!
  4. Lunar Eclipse | Story: Blood Red Moon
  5. All about stars: How stars are born and how they die | Story: A New Star
  6. The Sun – A heliocentric Solar System | Story: A not so Sunny Day.

Don’t forget to watch all sections of the lesson plan for an in-depth understanding of Our Universe. All our videos are simple to understand, friendly, and lots of fun.

Happy Space Exploration! Ready-Steady- Zoom!

Added Theme Benefits:

  • Builds General Awareness & Curiosity
  • Builds Language & Communication Skills
  • Builds Vocabulary

How to Use the Theme (Recommended):

You are free to use your discretion on how to use this material with your child. However, we recommend that you watch the video yourself and co-engage with your child. In the process, you will give less screen-time to your child and also will be able to simplify the concept as per your child's understanding.

Some parents find it difficult to explain concepts to children, hence we have mostly addressed children in our videos so that the parents can take inspiration from it.

You may co-watch the story with your child and then try to do the activities with them after watching the instructions here.