Stories from Around the World

Stories from Around the World


Build essential life skills as you learn about countries, its diversity & uniqueness by way of its stories. We’ll cover India, Australia & New Zealand in this theme.

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Welcome to this wonderful theme. Here we will learn about countries around the world. We will talk about their culture, people, music, festivals, and stories.

Stories from around the world is a theme that will not just give you “information” about a country but help you connect with its diversity and uniqueness by way of its stories. There will be lots of fun activities that’ll literally make you feel a part of that culture and we will also spot the countries on the map. So when you really travel to that country you will feel as if you’ve already been there before.

As part of this theme we will be covering three countries: India, Australia and New Zealand.

We’ll cover two stories per country, but also have lots of additional videos to help you learn much much more about these three countries.

Life Skills Covered:

  • Communication Skills
  • Empathy
  • Problem Solving
  • General Awareness

Stories / Topics Covered:

You will get access to the following topics/stories:

1. India : Two Crows & A Snake
2. India: Tiny’s Big Voice
3. Australia: How the Water got to The Planes
4. Australia: How the Kangaroo got its Tail & Wombat its Flat Head
5. New Zealand: How stars are born and how they die: How the Kiwi got its Wings


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