5 Steps to Build Self-Confidence and Lose Your Inhibitions

How to Build Self-Confidence and Lose Your Inhibitions?

Inhibitions are not just a part of growing up but can be a part of a grown up as well and it is never too early nor ever too late to overcome them. Our psyche is dominated by this fear of being judged and it is important to understand that judgement is just that. It is what someone else would rather believe about you, not who you are. Build self-confidence by thinking about what you think about yourself and not what others think of you.

Making mistakes and learning from them is a cardinal part of living (something you cannot escape) and inhibitions prevent you from it for fear of being mocked, laughed at or being wrong. But isn’t it better to have a voice that is sometimes wrong than not have a voice at all?

For the longest time I reveled in being a part of the crowd until I was thrown in the middle and had to learn to swim. Of course I made (still make) mistakes but they only made me want to get better and take it from someone who has experienced it, the destination is worth the journey. Build self-confidence by following the following tips:


Breathe in and breathe out. Clear your head of all other voices and let yours take command. Your voice is the only one that matters. Now focus all your thoughts on the matter at hand. It’s always good to imagine in your head the whole act and then on stage improvise. Also meditation is your best friend, if you want to calm your nerves, because the whole idea there is to focus on your breathing and in turn focus on your thoughts.

Believe that you can

It is integral that you have faith in yourself, your voice, your opinion only then will you find the confidence to let it be heard. You see fear is normal, no one is immune to it but you have to get past it, look at the other side of the page. It is also extremely important to experiment, to explore out of your comfort zone. Put yourself out there it doesn’t matter if you fail, just remember no experience ever goes to waste.

Let the child in you take over

Remember being a child when you were too curious to care. It didn’t matter that you might get hurt or fall, it was all worth the experience of trying something new. Bring that child forth. Keep your mind open to new challenges, never be afraid of a fall, get right back up and let your imagination know no bounds.

Accept yourself

Build self-confidence by thinking about yourself. We spend our entire life thinking about what the world will think about our actions and this stops us from so many things. It is very important thus to accept yourself then only can you expect people to accept you. Be comfortable in your skin. Also accept your mistakes, learn to laugh at them, acknowledge them, work on them but never take them too seriously, don’t let them stop you from making new ones.

Let it go

Lose control, let your imagination take charge and stop at nothing not fear or shyness or awkwardness. Flow free along with your inner voice. Keep going, there is no better teacher than experience and always remember practice makes perfect, so keep working on yourself.

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