Story in a single frame

story in a frame
A workman suspended high up as he works on a building wall.


To capture a story in a single frame is the toughest job. Photography is clearly not about owning an expensive camera – it is about using any camera ( mobile camera, SLR, point & shoot ) to capture a story in a single frame. It is about capturing an emotion, an action, some tension and even a moment of anticipation. You may be a technical expert at operating a camera but you may not be a good photographer. You can learn how to use a camera from the manual provided with it, but will only learn how to become a good photographer when you listen to your heart, understand your surrounding and learn how to tell a story. A good photographer must be vigil and observant.

While motion pictures capture moving images and you see it at it is, a good photograph is the same story in just one frame. It really depends on how the viewer or his eye infers the photograph. There can be so much information in just a single frame. A good photograph is like a blurb of a book – it tells you so much but at the same time it leaves you curious to know more.

The photograph above was taken from a mobile phone by Vipul Khattar and it won the second prize in a BBC photography competition.


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