Online Class: Read-O-Mania (4-6 YR-OLDS)

Online Class: Read-O-Mania (4-6 YR-OLDS)


  • LIVE  SESSIONS from 4th February 
  • Thursday | 5:30 pm
  • Designed for 4-6 years ages.
A super-fun reading class where early readers will brush up their knowledge of Phonics and read, read and read...(and play)
A class designed to provide:
  • 1. Reading & comprehension practise to early readers
  • 2. Exposure to books and reading
  • 3. Exposure to vocabulary
  • 4. Enhance early language and communications skills
Includes 12 books by Jolly Phonics UK.
Course designed by:   Rohini Vij
A listed Jolly Phonics UK Trainer

Call us on 9793283333 for further details.


12 Sessions

Time Slot

Thursday, 5:30 pm