Moin and the Monster


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“One night, in the dim darkness of his room, Moin heard something shuffling and sniffling under his bed?” It is a monster. Moin has to learn to live with the monster, which does nothing but eat bananas, sing silly songs and try out new hairstyles. However, keeping the monster a secret from his parents and teachers is a tough task and finally Moin decides that the only thing to do is send the monster back where it came from?

Monster in this book is delightfully silly and the protagonist is such a good friend, he goes to any length to accommodate his monsters antics. The winner of the show here is Anushka Ravishankar’s quirky writing, her hilariously bizarre situations and her non-sensical songs. Do not read this book lying at the edge of your bed, you will risk falling off. It’s that funny!

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