Workshop: How to Engage Children Online?

Tips on How to Engage Children with Online Classes

Workshop: How to Engage Children Online?


Come 2020 and the world has changed. We have hit the fast forward button and landed in an era where the classroom has shifted to a piece of technology and we are confined to our homes. These are strange times but one thing is certain, the world is changing at a rapid pace and we are all juggling hard to stay aboard this crazy journey. While there are many advantages of a virtual classroom for a middle or senior learner, it’s the youngest learners who are left bemused. A while ago we were advocating ‘no screen time’ and now we are the ones propping them in front of a computer screen and expecting them to learn!  Join Rohini Vij for a special session on how to conduct online classes without losing your mind and the attention of young learners.

For Teachers & Parents
Saturday, 3:30 pm ( Link will be sent on Friday )

Session Date: 23rd May 2020


  • 1 Live Session for parents and educators
  • Participants may post their questions that will be individually answered (even after the session)
  • A follow-up session on demand
  • Tips on making classes fun
  • How to tackle the issue of active Vs passive screen time

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