NutSpace: Video Stories | Activities for Kids | Parenting Tips

What is NutSpace?

NutSpace Edtech Pvt. Ltd. is an Early Years Education Platform that provides age-appropriate content for children aged between 2 to 7 years. The platform is primarily aimed at parents and educators who can use the stories and lesson plans to prepare their children for life.

Activities for Kids

  1. It provides constructive screentime
  2. Activities for kids
  3. 100% mapped to the curriculum and beyond
  4. Teaches through Stories, as the brain perceives imagination as reality
  5. Builds Life Skills
  6. Builds WHOs 10 Core Life Skills
  7. Builds 21st Century Skills in Children
  8. Encourages Critical Thinking in Children
  9. Improves Communication Skills, Creativity in Children
  10. Provides various exercises from experts including:
    1. Creative Activity for Children
    2. Mindfulness Activity for Children
    3. Encourage children to explore