Free Early Years Music & Story Sessions on Youtube



We have been conducting free sessions on youtube for parents and children and would like to continue with the same. We will release one video every Tuesday at 4:30pm as part of ‘Youtube Premieres’.  Our founder, Rohini Vij will personally be available for a live chat on all Premier dates so you can ask your questions and share your feedback.

You can subscribe now to set yourself a reminder for the Premieres, or check back on this page for updated links. The videos will be available from their Premiere date for 3 days.

In return for these free sessions, we appreciate any voluntary donations at this time.

For all donations above Rs. 600 we will provide you a theme of your choice from the Boogie Mites @ Home Collection. You will get:

  • Online access to the collection of songs in the theme to play on your device
  • Online access to fun videos of our tutors delivering each of the songs
  • Parent notes containing an overview of each song, linked activities, suggested props and information about how the song and activities link to your child’s development

Your support is critical for our future. Thank you.