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The Get Inspired Series

Why Build Life Skills in Children in Early Years?

What are life skills & why are they important to build in the early years? Wont it be easier if one learns how to manage their emotions early in life?

Embracing an Adventurous Spirit

Get Inspired by Vidhi Malla, Communications Consultant

Overcoming Fear of Failure

Get Inspired by Manash Mahanta, Lyricist & Musician

Designing Homes with Passion

Get Inspired by Tulika Singh, Founder Parrot & Lily

The Journey of Becoming a Writer

Get Inspired by Fred Holmes, filmmaker & author

Promoting Rich Cultural Heritage with Jewellery

Get Inspired by Gina Joseph, Founder Zola India

The Need for Stories

Get Inspired by Arthi Anand Navaneeth, author

Breaking Stereotypes with Picture Books

Get Inspired by Richa Jha, award winning author

A Story of a Storyteller

Get Inspired by Rohini Vij, a professional storyteller & educator

Develop Language Through Stories

Get Inspired by Dr. Geeta Jangid, Storyteller & Research Scholar

Instilling Values in Children with Stories

Get Inspired by I Made Sidia, Renowned Wayang Puppeteer