In-Demand Courses to Develop Your Skills in 2021

Nowadays, a basic graduation degree in Arts, Science, and Commerce or even engineering or any specialized field isn’t really enough to land a good job. That’s because employers look at hiring candidates that have job-specific skills. Unfortunately, most courses in India don’t teach such skills, leaving job seekers in the lurch when it comes to finding employment.

However, you can easily overcome such a situation by doing any of the in-demand courses to develop your skills in 2021. There’s a wide selection of such courses available. You can select one or more depending on your interests and aptitude for the job you wish to do.

Top Courses for Skills Development in 2021

All the courses that I’m listing can be done online. That’s because most learning now has moved to online platforms, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic that struck the world in 2020. You can look for these courses from any reputed e-learning portal.


Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing experts are always in demand as more and more businesses move their functions to online platforms and mainly to Cloud. This job fetches you a very high income too. Mainly, Cloud computing experts are responsible for migrating the data of their employer to Cloud-based platforms and maintaining them properly. They also perform back-ups and other important functions with Cloud for their company.

 Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever called a company or bank or financial institution and found an Automatic Voice Response System provides you with all the assistance? Or chat with a chatbot for availing of any service? That’s possible now due to Artificial Intelligence. More and more businesses of different kinds are now implementing AI to take over various simple functions where human intelligence isn’t really necessary. And as a result, AI Developers are witnessing great demand in the job market. 

Digital Marketing

With digital marketing set to become a $175 billion industry in India by 2024, this is one of the best in-demand courses you could do for skills development. As a matter of fact, this is the fastest growing industry in India. The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 is causing an increasing number of businesses to move to online platforms in this country. Therefore, to ensure their business has a strong presence on the Internet, an increasing number of companies are now hiring digital marketers. This is also a superb skill to have in 2021 if you’re considering freelancing.

Language Courses

A superb language course will teach you interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate with others in a different language. This is a very important skill to have in 2021, as more and more foreign companies are looking at opening operations in India. Other than learning only the language, you also develop several soft skills such as etiquette and effective communications. There’re several foreign and regional Indian languages that you can learn through any excellent course online or through classroom study courses. You can also find lucrative jobs as a translator with Multinational Companies (MNCs) with superior language skills. English is an important language as it is one of the few languages spoken globally and is used for instructional purposes by top universities.

Content Writing

Content writing is a skill that never goes out of demand. Nor is content writing affected by pandemics, economic downturns, or any other reason. In fact, the demand for content surged by as much as 23 percent during the first three months of the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. And as more and more businesses open blogs and websites, content writers will experience a huge demand for their skills. You can do a content writing course from any superb digital marketing institute. And salaries for content writers are also fairly high, compared to several other professions. Content writing also teaches the soft skills of interpersonal communications.


We’re living in an era where cyberattacks don’t come from individual hackers only. Instead, rogue states are now targeting sensitive databases of government organizations, banks and financial institutions, healthcare providers, and other important companies. Therefore, you can do a course in cybersecurity. As a matter of fact, there’s a zero unemployment rate in the field of cybersecurity worldwide. Not only can you find wonderful jobs in India in this field, you can also get work in a foreign country, where cybersecurity experts are in demand. The field of cybersecurity also offers a lot of career options and scope for career growth. You can also acquire the skill of teamwork from this course.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is a field that’s again witnessing great demand in India and across the world, with more and more businesses going online. Data analysts and data scientists go through information from various websites to provide vital inputs for their employers. For example, they can analyze data to find how much money an online advertising campaign is costing their employer to get a single customer. And they can also find out where the bulk of traffic for any website or online store comes from, spending patterns, buying habits, and lots more. Banks and financial institutions require data analysts in large numbers to keep track of important information about their services. This course also helps you learn analytical and troubleshooting as soft skills.

Mobile App Developer

Most online shopping, entertainment and gaming, banking, and financial transactions now occur over mobile apps. And the number of organizations that are providing such apps for the benefit of their customers is also on the rise. Therefore, you can do a course as a software developer and create mobile apps. Nowadays, mobile apps don’t have only one function. Instead, they’re multifunctional. Meaning, you can perform several tasks using such apps. For example, any good financial app in India allows you to transfer and receive money to your or another person’s bank accounts, recharge your mobile phone or DTH, pay utility bills and keep track of your expenses, do investments, and lots more. Doing such a course also helps you acquire the soft skill of creativity and collaboration.

Courses that Teach Soft Skills

As you can see from the above courses, most of them also help you develop vital soft skills that are necessary for your life and job. Generally, soft skills and life skills aren’t available through any special courses- you have to acquire them through experience and work in your day-to-day life. The soft skills and life skills these courses help you automatically acquire are also very important.

In Conclusion

If you wish to succeed in any career in 2021, you could consider any of these eight courses that I’ve listed above. These courses are fairly priced and will make you job market-ready. These skills are in high demand in 2021 and the scenario will remain for at least the next foreseeable future.

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