Interview with Dr. Gita Jangid, PHD. in Language Development through Stories

Dr. Gita Jangid Storyteller and founder of NutSpace@Inknuts, Rohini Vij interviews research scholar, Dr. Gita Jangid, a PHD holder in the area of language development through stories, on the benefits of storytelling and raising readers. Her…
Babies are citizens of the world

Children are Citizens of the World: Born with no Languages

Children are citizens of the world: Born with no Language.¬†Storytelling helps in language Development ! I often get this response from parents who haven't been to our storytelling sessions that their child is too young to understand what we do…

Hitting Behaviour in Toddlers

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind Do not take it lightly when your child is hitting or biting Just the other day I was called aside by my two and a half year old's play group…

My Daughter, My Reflection!

We have all read and heard elders say how children are a reflection of their parents, their surroundings. I never really thought much about this till my own daughter started growing up. Giving a little context, I have a delightful…

When is the right time to begin reading to your child?

Psst...have I created a reading monster? Well I would say the moment you know there is a baby on its way! For starters you should start talking to your baby as soon as you find out you have company. Yes!…

Talk to your Children about Bad Touch !

[dt_sc_full_width first]Talk to your children about Bad Touch!  If they initiate a conversation about their body parts - Never ignore it!  The other day while I was bathing my 2.5 year old son, he suddenly caught hold of his nipples…