Booknuts Senior

Booknuts Senior


  • LIVE  SESSIONS from 9th November
  • Monday | 4:30 pm
  • Age group: 7 – 10 years 
  • 8 Sessions
  • Also Includes Book


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Booknuts Senior
Come embark on this book adventure and fall in love with Kittu.

We will be exploring the book: Kittu’s Very Mad Day by Harshika Udasi.

The course is designed to:

1. Deep dive into the book and understand the story characters

2. Read between the lines and beyond the lines

3. Sensitization to physical disabilities and a peek into accessibility (without sermonizing)

4. Focus on vocabulary

5. Focus on becoming story characters: Each participating child will be given one character from the book to familiarise themselves with and act it out.

The class will focus on:

1. Listening skills

2. Comprehension skills

3. Speaking skills

4. Thinking skills

5. Confidence building

Includes the book

Call us on 9793283333 for further details.


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