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trip to ladakh vidhi malla

Get Inspired by Vidhi Malla, Biker and Dog Lover

Yours is an inspiring story and there’s so much to learn from your spirit. What is your advice for the 21st-century learners of…
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Goddess Durga

Story of Durga: Breaking Stereotypes & Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment: Driving Strength on Feminine Wheels As I was stepping out of my house for the first day at work, the lines creasing…
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why playdates are important

Why Play Dates are important for your Child?

Play dates help build 21st century skills ‘If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play. If you want team players,…
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How to write a story

How to Write a Story using the NutSpace Tool

How to write a story? A question most often asked by anyone who wants to start writing. This article discusses the NutSpace tool…
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5 Steps to Build Self Confidence

5 Steps to Build Self-Confidence and Lose Your Inhibitions

5 Steps to Build Self-Confidence and Lose Your Inhibitions Inhibitions are not just a part of growing up but can be a part…
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Stereotypes: Are you killing your child’s imagination?

What is 'Right' and 'Wrong' in this perfect world. Why not let children explore them instead of us instilling stereotypes to kill their…
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Life Skills

What are Life Skills and Why We Teach Them

What are Life Skills? Life skills are behaviors that enable individuals to adapt and deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life.…
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Why Children Need Social Emotional Skills

Why Children Need Social Emotional Skills?

According to a World Economic Forum, children need to be equipped with Social and Emotional skills to be able to thrive in the…
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