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You have a little new person in your life and your life is all topsy turvy. Between changing diapers, feeding your baby, and catching a few winks when you do find a moment of peace you want to just be. However, if you feel like it, do pick up a book and read it to your little one. It gets easier with time. Once the baby is three months old, she usually has a routine. Reading to her will be much easier then. And once it starts it is the most fulfilling bonding experience ever.

Books to Read to Your New Born Babies:

Children Book: Baby very first farm

Baby Very First Cloth Book: Farm

A perfect first book for your baby! The high contrast black and white images will help your baby focus. You may also point to the wonderful illustrations, make animal sounds, make funny faces and stimulate your baby whenever she is awake and active in those early days. 

I Love All of Me

by Lorie Ann Grover

A delightfully padded board book to introduce your baby to her different body parts and also remind her to love herself the way she is. Playfully engage with your baby by gently tapping, tickling, or touching her. Watch her giggle as she explores the book. With every new reading, your baby will begin predicting the text and even cooing and gurgling along. 

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Books for Children: Hug


by Jez Alborough

This nearly wordless picture book is sure to become your baby’s favourite. Ever felt the need to hug someone you love? As baby chimp Bobo is anxiously looking for his mommy, he sees a lot of baby animals and their parents hugging. He yearns for a hug from his own mamma and is nearly in tears until he finds her. You will realise the real power of a hug once you read this book and I am sure you will spend a lot of time hugging and kissing your little ones each time you read this precious book with them. 

Book for Kids: It's Mine

It’s Mine

by Rod Campbell

An interactive book with a few flaps for you to lift as you reveal a new animal each time. Make funny animal sounds as you explore this book with your baby. Be sure to point to these animals if you do see them in real life while out for a walk or at the zoo.

Children Book: Walking through the Jungle

Walking through the Jungle

by Julie Lacome

A highly engaging read that your baby is sure to demand to be read over and over again. The book is full of surprises and exciting illustrations. You may try to engage in role-playing too as you read about animals that walk, creep, run, leap, swing, and wade. Make this an action-packed read-aloud engagement. 

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