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What are we looking for in our  Franchise Owners Partners?

Do you have it in you to make a change?

At NutSpace we believe in building partnerships. NutSpace is an organization that focuses on building 21st Century Skills. Collaboration, communication, and teamwork is an integral part of our organization. This is the reason why we don't believe in just giving out franchises but in helping you grow. In your growth lies our growth. 

We are selective about who we partner with - in order to maintain the quality of our methodology and content delivery.

The NutSpace partnership programme is for you - if you are someone who:

  1. Has a natural love for children and connects with them instantly
  2. Loves telling, listening and reading stories
  3. Wants to bring about a change in education
  4. Is passionate about the all round development of children
  5. Has an excellent command of the English language
  6. Is self-motivated and confident to create his/her own business

What do we teach at NutSpace?

The idea is to raise sensitive, empathetic and good humans

At NutSpace we believe that happiness is directly proportional to learning. Each child has his/her own learning style and education cannot be one-size-fits-all. Keeping that in mind, when content is presented in a multi-disciplinary manner, using stories, all learners grasp what appeals to them. Follow-up classes, multi-sensory activities, and music make learners learn experientially and exponentially. The idea is to raise sensitive, empathetic and good humans. Skills acquired on the way are a synthesis of intellect and emotions.

What content does NutSpace License?

We have programs for children aged 3 months to 12 years

We are committed to providing quality content that helps in the overall development of the child. The content created has been created by our team of experts or has been licensed by other leading content providers/content creators. We have curated the content into long-term and short-term programmes to meet all your needs as an educational outfit. We believe that everyone has different needs, therefore we are flexible with our terms. Fill up this simple form - we will reach out to you with more information. All our programmes are classified under these 3 categories:

What support does NutSpace provide its partners?

At NutSpace we believe in seeing our partners grow. The founders of the company have experience in corporate communication, marketing, business development and have worked with startups as well as big corporations.  We understand the pains and limitations one faces when starting a new venture. Therefore, we provide you not only our content but also various business tools and resources that can help you grow your business. Listed are some of the things we offer when you sign-up to become a NutSpace Partner:

  1. A Learning Management System ( LMS ) for our partners and their customers
  2. Extensive training for our partners
  3. Hand-holding sessions
  4. A well-planned curriculum
  5. Marketing collateral, marketing support & branding
  6. Backend ERP system to manage admissions, attendance, invoicing etc.
  7. Guidance / Training on Social Media Marketing 

Stories of NutSpace Partners

NutSpace is proud of its partners who put in hard work to fulfill NutSpace's vision of developing 21st-century skills in children. NutSpace now has partners in Kanpur, Varanasi, Bangalore, and Pune. We are always looking for like-minded people to partner with us to join our mission of raising 21st-century learners. 

Chhavi Singhania
NutSpace Partner, Varanasi

I was running my own storytelling classes before I took up the NutSpace content. It was quite tedious to prepare lessons and art and craft for each class. After I took up the NutSpace content, I realized there is so much that can be done with a single story. The lesson plans and activities are well organized and are easy to follow. I started out with 1 location and a single programme. After 1 year, I am running sessions in 2 centers and have licensed 4 different programmes. I have always got support from the NutSpace team.

Faiza Mirza
NutSpace Partner, Bengaluru

I have seen NutSpace evolve from when it just started. I used to take my niece for the classes when she was not even 1 year old. When I moved to Bengaluru, I was itching to do something of my own. After my son was born, I only had a certain time at hand. It was only befitting for me to take up something that I had enjoyed. I partnered with NutSpace for the Early Learners Programme. It has only been 2 months and I am already receiving a positive response. I managed to start my first batch within a few weeks of licensing the content. 

The NutSpace Partner Programme

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