About NutSpace

NutSpace Edtech Pvt Ltd is a new age education technology company with the primary objective to get children Future Ready by developing 21st Century Skills. Using a Proprietary Inventive Thinking™ Methodology, Nutspace tries to teach children “how to learn”. NutSpace also runs an in-classroom program (NutSpace@School) that integrates class curriculum with experiential learning in order to develop independent thinking ability in children.

The Story Behind NutSpace

Once upon a time, there was a mum who lived in a small town in India and wanted the best for her child. She looked and looked but there was nothing in her town that could help stimulate her child’s fast-growing mind. Her search did not stop there. She travelled, read and researched to discover the magic of books and stories, the impact of music, dance and play. And how all these together could help raise an ‘inventive thinker’. She made a potion and tried it on her son and ‘poof’ there was a transformation — In his Behaviour, Language, Thought Process and Confidence. Changes were slow and gradual but there to stay forever. She mastered the potion by adding new ingredients. She was now ready to spread the magic with her potion of stories, music, dance and play. But hey! What makes this potion so special? No, it’s not just the fun or the new approach to learning. Nor is it the games or play. It’s not even the music or inventive thinking methodology. It is the rare ingredient that you get from a mother who is always loving, caring and sharing. It is the powerful ingredient of selfless love that makes this potion strong and everlasting.

The name NutSpace was not easy to come up with. We wanted it to encompass all that we envision and dream of. We wanted it to become synonymous with discovering one’s creative side. Nuts are ordinary objects, found in everyday life. They are used opposite bolts to fasten things together, and what holds the two together is the right combination of thread friction. Just as a nut is vital in holding something in place as important is a bolt to complete the process. However, what is imperative is the thread friction – which, if not correctly aligned fails to hold the object together. Our minds are pretty much the same, no matter how much knowledge we pour into them if that knowledge is not correctly aligned the process will forever remain incomplete. Our minds are like nuts that need the right amount of pressure and alignment to be able to absorb and process the abundant knowledge and information that we make available to them every day. If we bombard our mind with information and expect it to retain it all, we are chasing a false dream. But if we give our minds the right space, method and time we are nurturing a healthy mind that will, not surprisingly, retain everything and much more. We aim to provide the right space, method and time to nurture the mind. We aim to bring you closer to your creative and critical side – which by the way is the golden key to unlocking the mind. And how do we spin this magic? Well believe it or not we use stories and storytelling as a tool. Come try it and witness the magic for yourself.

Here’s an interesting story…

In Egyptian mythology, Goddess Nut was the mother of all Gods. Her name is translated to mean sky, which is endless and magical, and she is considered one of the oldest deities among the Egyptian pantheon. She was considered as the barrier separating the forces of chaos from the ordered cosmos in the world. She was pictured as a woman arched on her toes and fingertips over the earth; her body portrayed as a star-filled sky. Nut’s fingers and toes were believed to touch the four cardinal points or directions of north, south, east, and west. She was also the reason why years on earth came to number 365 days.

Is this why we call ourselves NutSpace?  Err…well No. This is just a feel-good story that gives our name another meaning. Isn’t it wonderful to find new meanings and interpretations to your name? Well, that’s exactly how we are feeling right now.