It was a cold Sunday afternoon and I lay on the bed sipping my tea. My son walked up to me and asked for some ice-cream. I gently explained to him that it would not be a good idea as he had just recovered from a cold and the weather was not appropriate to have […]

A few months ago, my 2.5 year old son started developing a new fear. He was, suddenly, awfully scared of dogs. When we would switch-off the lights at bedtime he would say, “Don’t switch-off the light, doggy will come.” Clearly I was troubled by this new phase, and considering I have never taken the route […]

This may be the first post by a dad on this platform and I hope it can inspire a few other fathers to write and share their experiences. The idea for this post struck me after a few friends and I were intoxicated enough to talk about fatherhood, our experiences as sons, our expectations from our […]