It was a cold Sunday afternoon and I lay on the bed sipping my tea. My son walked up to me and asked for some ice-cream. I gently explained to him that it would not be a good idea as he had just recovered from a cold and the weather was not appropriate to have […]

Parents should focus on helping children develop 21st Century Skills that they’ll need in the future rather than focusing on grades and private tuitions. As the production advisor at NutSpace, a company that focuses on Building 21st Century Skills in children, I found articles that establish the importance of 21st Century Skills. In a recent […]

The other day I saw Viraaj playing with his toys but he seemed a little uncomfortable. He was shifting restlessly, getting up and sitting every once in a while, I even caught him wobbling his knees. I was looking at him from the other room and this behaviour got me slightly worried so I walked […]