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Hitting Behaviour in Toddlers

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind Do not take it lightly when your child is hitting or biting Just the other day I was called aside by my two and a half year old's play group…

My Daughter, My Reflection!

We have all read and heard elders say how children are a reflection of their parents, their surroundings. I never really thought much about this till my own daughter started growing up. Giving a little context, I have a delightful…

When is the right time to begin reading to your child?

Psst...have I created a reading monster? Well I would say the moment you know there is a baby on its way! For starters you should start talking to your baby as soon as you find out you have company. Yes!…

Talk to your Children about Bad Touch !

[dt_sc_full_width first]Talk to your children about Bad Touch!  If they initiate a conversation about their body parts - Never ignore it!  The other day while I was bathing my 2.5 year old son, he suddenly caught hold of his nipples…

Story in a single frame

A workman suspended high up as he works on a building wall.   To capture a story in a single frame is the toughest job. Photography is clearly not about owning an expensive camera - it…

I Made Sidia on the Importance of Storytelling

I Made Sidia is a world renowned Wayang Puppeteer and trainer, based in Bali. I had the opportunity to interview him during my trip to Bali and also watch him, his son and his daughter perform. In his interview, he…