What is Phonics & How to Raise Readers using Phonics

This article focuses on what is phonics and why phonics needs to be implemented in Indian schools as a separate subject. Primary school teachers need to be trained in phonics to help raise readers in the the classroom.

Do Parents & Educators Kill the Child’s Creativity?

As parents and educators, let's not kill creativity. Killing or fostering creativity in our children is eventually our choice. This article has some tips.

Parents: How to talk to your Child about Breasts?

Some tips on how you could talk to your child about breasts and breastfeeding. Children aged 4 and above may ask you why women have breasts.
How to deal with parenting conflict

5 Tips for Parenting Together | How to Avoid Conflicts

It was a cold Sunday afternoon and I lay on the bed sipping my tea. My son walked up to me and asked for some ice-cream. I gently explained to him that it would not be a good idea as…
Building Vocabulary in Children

Parents: How to Build Rich Vocabulary in Children

Read this article to find out how you can help build your child's vocabulary in the early years. Watch a video on how to improve your child's vocabulary.

How to Accept and Embrace Your Role as a Father

Fatherly roles have changed over the years. While your own father may have played a ‘breadwinner’ role and your mother was your nurturer, times have changed and it is more acceptable for a father to take a more fulfilling role…