Do Parents & Educators Kill the Child’s Creativity?

As parents and educators, let's not kill creativity. Killing or fostering creativity in our children is eventually our choice. This article has some tips.

Parents: How to talk to your Child about Breasts?

Some tips on how you could talk to your child about breasts and breastfeeding. Children aged 4 and above may ask you why women have breasts.
How to deal with parenting conflict

5 Tips for Parenting Together | How to Avoid Conflicts

It was a cold Sunday afternoon and I lay on the bed sipping my tea. My son walked up to me and asked for some ice-cream. I gently explained to him that it would not be a good idea as…
Building Vocabulary in Children

Parents: How to Build Rich Vocabulary in Children

Read this article to find out how you can help build your child's vocabulary in the early years. Watch a video on how to improve your child's vocabulary.

How to Accept and Embrace Your Role as a Father

Fatherly roles have changed over the years. While your own father may have played a ‘breadwinner’ role and your mother was your nurturer, times have changed and it is more acceptable for a father to take a more fulfilling role…
trip to ladakh vidhi malla

Get Inspired by Vidhi Malla, Biker and Dog Lover

Yours is an inspiring story and there’s so much to learn from your spirit. What is your advice for the 21st-century learners of today? Do not let ‘what will people say’ stop you from doing what you want for your…