Stories are effective as the brain processes the imagination the same way as reality. Stories can put the whole brain to work & ensures learning for life.

Women Empowerment: Driving Strength on Feminine Wheels As I was stepping out of my house for the first day at work, the lines creasing my parents’ forehead were more than evident. They are well educated, open-minded individuals and yet something was nagging them. When I could no longer ignore their silent pleas, I quizzed them about […]

How to write a story? A question most often asked by anyone who wants to start writing. This article discusses the NutSpace tool to write an effective story.

Storyteller and founder of NutSpace@Inknuts, Rohini Vij interviews research scholar, Dr. Gita Jangid, a PHD holder in the area of language development through stories, on the benefits of storytelling and raising readers. Her paper ‘Whole Language, Story Reading and Children’s Writing’ was published in The EFL Journal 2011, The English & Foreign Languages University. Her paper […]

Children are citizens of the world: Born with no Language. Storytelling helps in language Development ! I often get this response from parents who haven’t been to our storytelling sessions that their child is too young to understand what we do and also that their child doesn’t understand English (the language we conduct our sessions in). […]