As parents and educators, let’s not kill creativity. Killing or fostering creativity in our children is eventually our choice. This article has some tips.

How to write a story? A question most often asked by anyone who wants to start writing. This article discusses the NutSpace tool to write an effective story.

You will need: 100 gm Cheese 50 gm Flour 1 tsp. Baking Powder 50 gm. Butter 1 Egg cheese grater, mixing bowl, teaspoon, knife, 2 small bowls, wooden spoon, flat tray, baking sheet, strainer / sieve. Click on the images to see the instructions:

Father’s Day is a week away ( 15th June ), make this card and make his day ! Supplies you will require: Art Sheet Glue A pair of scissors Paintbrush Some Paint Plate Step 1:  Spread some paint on a plate Step 2:  Dip your child’s hands in the paint and take a print of the […]

  To capture a story in a single frame is the toughest job. Photography is clearly not about owning an expensive camera – it is about using any camera ( mobile camera, SLR, point & shoot ) to capture a story in a single frame. It is about capturing an emotion, an action, some tension […]